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Margie and George Jones statue Margie at WSM
Thumbs up with George at the George Jones Museum. THROWBACK THURSDAY July 20th on WSM RADIO
The Commodore Grill Banquet at Local 257
Pictured here at the Commodore Grill with Joe Rucker and Judy Bailey in April 2017 . The three of us will be back at the Commodore on November 17, 2017 for an encore performance. Recently at a banquet for the Lifetime members of local 257 Nashville Federation of Musicians Union of which I am a proud member. Shown here with fellow members, Jan Howard and Billy Linneman
Bear Family Records recently released this Boxset By George Jones. My connection in this is that I was the first woman to record a duet album with George and I have 14 Duets in this package. Two of the songs I wrote. It's interesting to note that the album had 12 songs in it, in this set there are 14 songs. The two songs "ONE BY ONE" and "ONE EXCUSE IS AS GOOD AS ANOTHER" has been in the can for over 50 years and just came to light in this awesome package. It can be ordered directly from bear Bear Family Records on line.